Mahalo Management has been in business since 1991. Over the last quarter-century, we have forged relationships with a huge range of tenants, as well as with contractors and vendors, who always ensure our properties are shipshape. When we need anything, we know who to call, which means when you need something, you can feel secure in reaching out to us.

The business was started by W. Garvie Hall, who worked for 25 as an agriculturalist and plantation manager on Maui, Oahu and Kauai before coming to Florida in the mid-1980s and working as General Managing Partner of Citrus Partners Management Inc. Jessicka Peraza worked for Mahalo first as an administrative assistant, and in 2004 became Operations Manager.

Today, we offer personalized service, tours and beautiful modern homes, making us one of the most beloved property management companies in the area. Additionally, we make safety and security a high priority, so no matter which home you choose, you’re always safe and sound. Get in touch to learn more about us today.

About W. Garvie Hall / Owner

A native of Hawaii, where he worked in the Hawaiian sugar industry for 25 years as an agriculturalist and plantation manager on Maui, Oahu and Kauai, Garvie came to Lakeland in the mid 1980s and spent the next two decades as the General Managing Partner of Citrus Partners Management Inc. He was able to build a grove management company caretaking over 5900 acres. Garvie’s love of Lakeland prompted him to purchase several local properties over the past 20 years and he formed Mahalo Management to manage these properties. Garvie retired from the citrus industry several years ago and now spends all of his time with Mahalo Management. He has found that his career in citrus property management has prepared him well for rental property management.

Garvie is no stranger to hard work and views it as his privilege to provide quality housing for working people that is comfortable, affordable and safe. His passion for improvement can be seen in the many upgrades and renovations he has completed on several of his properties. From solid surface counters to new flooring and new appliances, Garvie believes in reinvesting in his rental homes. He also has a passion for landscaping and has devoted considerable time and care to preserving the many beautiful, mature trees on his properties.

Garvie enjoys meeting his tenants and spending time with them. He seeks to build long-term relationships with his residents by taking good care of them and treating them right. At a stage in life when most people retire, Garvie is very actively involved in managing his properties for the sole reason that he enjoys it. You may find him puttering around his properties in his old suv and he would love it if you would say hi and give him a chance to meet you!

About Jessicka Peraza / Operations Manager

Jessicka has been part of the Mahalo Management family over ten years. She started her career with Mahalo as an administrative assistant, where her organizational skills were instrumental in keeping operations running smoothly. In 2004, she became the Operations Manager.

As the Operations Manager, Jessicka is responsible for showing properties to prospective tenants, handling the application and rental process for new tenants, coordinating maintenance requests, and managing accounts payable and receivable for all of the Mahalo properties. Jessicka also attends quarterly professional development courses for property management to make sure she is well-versed and up-to-date on rental law and tenant relations. She finds tenant relations to be her favorite aspect of her position.

Jessicka enjoys meeting people and getting to know her tenants. She brings a friendly smile and a sense of family to Mahalo Management staff and tenants alike. As a lifelong Polk County resident, Jessicka is happy to help newcomers get acquainted with Lakeland and help all Mahalo tenants feel at home.